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A supplement to the Best Management Practices Manual produced by the Texas Water Conservation Task Force.
Resources for the Nursery/Landscape Professional
Green Industry Water Conservation Project Final Report
The production of container grown nursery crops is one of the largest segments of irrigated agriculture in Texas. Despite the scale of this industry, little is know about how water is used in crop production or the volume of water used statewide. In an effort to enhance the long term availability of high quality irrigation water, the Texas Water Development Board, in cooperation with Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association initiated the Texas GREEN Industry Water Use Project. The goal of the project was to work cooperatively with nursery/floral producers to disseminate information on conservation practices and to collect water-use and conservation data. This report summarizes accomplishments of the specific objectives including determining a general level of conservation practices used and an estimate of water use by sources and counties. It also describes a series of statewide educational field days that were conducted for commercial container nursery crop producers.

LandscapePro Online Training
The LandscapePro Online Educational Training Program is a collaborative effort between the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association and Texas Cooperative Extension. This program has been designed to provide basic information on a variety of topics for entry-level career opportunities in the commercial landscape industry.

Texas Water Resources Education
This informative Web site is a product of the Texas Water Resources Institute. It includes written material, slidesets, and video based information related to water conservation in Texas.

Turfgrass Potential Evapotranspiraton Coefficients
The TexasET Network is part of the federally funded Rio Grande Basin Initiative administered by the Texas Water Resources Institute. Important information contained on this site includes rainfall, relative humidity and temperature data and tools which enable the calculation of required water application rates to achieve desired turfgrass qualities.

Landscape Water Conservation - XeriscapeTM
Authored by Drs. Doug Welsh, Dick Duble, and Bill Welch, this Texas Cooperative Extension publication describes the founding principles of XeriscapeTM, what has come to be known as WaterWise landscaping. In addition to a discussion of the principles of landscape water conservation, several helpful lists of outstanding landscape plants are included.

Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape
A comprehensive publication written by a team of Texas AgriLife Extension Service horticulturists that presents a wholistic view of landscape and garden water use. In addition to excellent illustrations, the publications contains data tables with estimated water use by certain plants and recommendations for types and spacing of low water use drip irrigation emitters.

Landscaping for Energy Conservation
Written by Dr. William C. Welch, this Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication is an excellent companion to "Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape" with a focus on the way plants (notably trees) affect temperatures and wind movement in the landscape.

Principles of Irrigation Management
Extension leaflet outlining considerations for irrigation management in nursery/floral production operations. Prepared by Don Wilkerson, TCE Extension specialist.

Developing a Management Plan for Irrigation Runoff
This publication outlines the need for and describes the process to use in preparing a irrigation/runoff management plan for the commercial nursery/floral producer. Prepared by Don Wilkerson, TCE Extension specialist.

Monitoring the Quality of Irrigation Water
Guidelines for interpreting water quality measurements in the commercial nursery/floral production operation. Prepared by Don Wilkerson, TCE Extension specialist.

Treating and Recycling Irrigation Runoff
The capability to re-use irrigation water is an important resource for the modern day nursery/floral producer. This publication describes systems for analyzing and reusing irrigation water. Prepared by Don Wilkerson, TCE Extension specialist.

Originating in Colorado under the title, "XeriscapeTM," Water Wise landscaping approaches combine seven principals of good landscape practices to produce water efficient landscapes. These landscapes are an attractive alternative to the turfgrass lawn which does not always perform well in areas with rocky soil, high summer temperatures and long periods without rain1. Does this sound like anyplace in Texas?

By proper planning, design, soil analysis and amendments, appropriate plant selection, efficient irrigation techniques, appropriate use of turf, mulches, and maintenance, a successful, appealing landscape can be developed without increasing peak summertime demands on our stressed water systems.

The seven principals of water wise landscaping are described herein, along with summary programmatic and ordinance approaches which can assist utilities engaged in implementing Best Management Practices for water conservation.

A key element in planning the Water Wise landscape is the selection of environmentally-appropriate plants. Our PlantSelector database is "regionalized," so that the order in which plants are presented to you varies with your locality. The landscape plants in the database have each been rated by a team of "plant experts" knowledgeable about the best plants for their regions.

We hope this online resource helps you better plan YOUR Water Wise landscape!