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A supplement to the Best Management Practices Manual produced by the Texas Water Conservation Task Force.
EARTH-KIND® Programs
Texas SmartScape
Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center
USDA Plants Database
Texas AgriLife Extension County Offices
TAMU Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab
TAMU Soil and Water Testing Laboratory
Urban Landscape Guide Adaptability Regions
TAMU Irrigation Technology Center
TexasET - part of TAMU Irrigation Technology Center
Landscape Performance Certification Program
Green Building Program
Diagnosing Touble Spots Caused by an Irrigation System
Build San Antonio Green
Rainbarrel Rebate Application Form
City of Austin - Residential Irrigation Audits and Rebates
City of Austin - Waterwise Landscape Program
City of Austin - Soil Rebate for Volume Builders
City of Austin - Soil Rebate for Homeowners
City of Austin - Summer Watering Info
City of Allen Rain Barrel Rebate Program Application
WaterSense - US EPA
El Paso Water Utilities Conservation Ordinance
El Paso Water Utilities Desert Plant List
El Paso Water Utilities Rebate Program
El Paso Water Utilities Turf Rebate
Flroda Water Star Program
Landscape Irrigation Scheduling and Water Management (pdf)
Irrigation Association
Irvine Water District Ranch
ASCE's Standardized Reference Evapotraspiration Equation
LADWP: Schedule A - Residential Water Rebate
LCRA: Hill Country Water landcapes
Municipal Water District of Orange County
MWDOC "Smart" Timer Rebate Program
My San Antonio Homepage
Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance
San Antonio Water System
SAWS Watersaver Landscape
http://www.saws.org/ conservation/ordinance/
SAWS Conservation Ordinance - Irrigation Check - Up
SAWS: Get Out and Save
SAWS: Report Water Waste
Water Smart Home
TCEQ's Approval of Training for Occupational Licensing
TCEQ's Approval of Training for Occupational Licensing (pdf)
TCEQ's Basic Training Providers for Landscape Irrigation
U.S. Green Building Council