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A supplement to the Best Management Practices Manual produced by the Texas Water Conservation Task Force.


Even the most WaterWise design can become water thirsty if not properly maintained. A written maintenance program helps ensure proper maintenance. Such a program includes:

  • Aeration of mulched beds and turf areas
  • Mowing frequently at the proper height for more information
  • Regular inspection of irrigation system and heads
  • Regularly scheduled irrigation audits
  • Checking the data in the smart controller or re-setting a system quarterly to accommodate weather changes
  • Attending to plant health. Users who see a plan in distress tend to assume it needs water and pour it on. A healthy plant will require less water.
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A commercial maintenance firm will provide a written maintenance schedule and the schedule will accommodate variations in times of drought or water shortage to allow the maintenance firm to maintain plant health but allow the materials to meet a less stringent aesthetic standard.

"One of the advantages of WaterWise landscaping is reduced maintenance..."

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